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Weight, Hair & Pain Care Acupuncture Bonnyrigg offers a convenient way for patients to continue treatment at home. Patients can achieve maximum results in a shorter time. People are often apprehensive about herbal medication. However, many of the ingredients used in “herbal medicine” are familiar household herbs. Sheng Jiang, which is the Chinese name for fresh ginger, is used to warm the body. Chinese Herbal Formulas work because practitioners add a few select ingredients to create a synergetic healing impact while ensuring minimal side effects.

TGA approval has been given to all herbs used at the Chinese Health Institute. We do NOT endorse or recommend the prescribing of endangered animal products.


Weight, Hair & Pain Care Acupuncture specialises in acupuncture that helps in weight loss and pain management. A provider of Chinese herbal medicines for over 44 years. Located in Fairfield, 6 kilometers from Bonnyrigg.

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