Acupuncture Cabramatta


Looking for the best acupuncture Cabramatta? Weight, Hair & Pain Care Acupuncture Cabramatta is renowned for specialising in acupuncture that helps in weight loss, hair loss, hair regrowth, aches and pain management. Located in Fairfield, 3 kilometres from Cabramatta.

Acupuncture was originally developed in China in over 2500 years. It has gained increasing popularity around the world, especially in conditions such as allergy, asthma, depression, headache, migraine, acute and chronic pains, infertility, and menstrual disorders.

A healthy body is rich in vital energy (Qi). These Qi flows along special channels system-the meridians. Twelve main meridians correspond to different organs and have many acupuncture point. Disorder can be caused by an internal imbalance, blockage or blockage of vital energy. Acupuncturists use very fine needles to stimulate acupoints in order to increase the flow of Qi (lifeforce), unblock blocked areas, promote normal circulation and restore balance to the meridian system.

Acupuncture supports the body/mind in its natural healing processes. Acupuncture originated in East Asia more than 2,000 years ago. It is possible that it was even earlier. In modern times, acupuncture is part of an evidence-based, rational, personalized system of effective healthcare. Acupuncture is not only used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners often called “Licensed or Certified Acupuncturists”, but also by Western medical doctors, veterinarians and chiropractors to treat a variety of conditions and symptoms. Over one million healthcare professionals worldwide use acupuncture as a way to relieve suffering and improve the well-being of patients. For more information about Acupuncture Cabramatta, please contact the clinic.

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