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Acupuncture can be extremely beneficial in both treating disease and allowing the body to relax.Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins at the site of insertion, which increases circulation and relieves pain.People have a fear about needles, but when they hear the term “Acupuncture”, they often picture a syringe.It is a common misconception. You could fit approximately 10 acupuncture needles in a single syringe.

All Acupuncture needles used by us have been inspected and sealed. They are never reused.To prevent infection, we follow all government health regulations. Here in Acupuncture in Liverpool, we use an alcohol swab before inserting needles and seal the site with a cotton pad after removal.

A lot of Western physiology has focused attention on how acupuncture functions because of its popularity in the West. Modern understanding and classical descriptions have led us to conclude that qi flow is related to nerve transmission, connective-tissue planes, metabolic component carried in blood, as well as oxygen, hormones, nutrients, and the functional energy of each organ system. This depends on its context. All of these components are essential to good health. Acupuncture has been shown to improve and regulate their function. In essence, acupuncture appears to “grease all the wheels” of the self-regulating mechanisms of the mind and body.



The length of time you have been suffering from it and what condition you are in will affect the amount of treatment that you require. Once they observe how your body responds, your acupuncturist can help you estimate the number and frequency of treatments needed. Chronic conditions, which are more complex, tend to improve more quickly in acute cases than those with more chronic conditions. Combining acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may be possible in certain cases.


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