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Acupuncturist based in Fairfield servicing St Johns Park. Weight, Hair & Pain Care Acupuncture has been in the business for over 44 years. Specialises in Acupuncture that helps in weight loss and pain management. The number 1 provider of Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Why Choose Weight, Hair & Pain Care Acupuncture?

Combining remedial massage techniques with acupuncture can offer relief for muscular pain that is associated with both acute and chronically painful conditions.


Acupuncture is an ancient healing system that dates back more than 3000 year. Many people seek acupuncture to relieve a variety specific issues as well as improve their overall health. Both short-term and long-term treatment provide relief that can last for a while and help prevent it from happening again. These are just some of the many problems that Acupuncture can help with:


Lower Back Pain

Around 70% of Australia’s adult population suffers from lower back pain. It is the leading cause of suffering and pain for people. Each year, valuable working hours are lost as a result.

Backache could be due to any of the following or a combination.

  • Physical Trauma – Damage to ligaments and tendons (caused either by injuries, lifting, incorrect bending, or overwork). Vertebral injuries and problems due to lifting heavy objects, work, and injury can also cause them. The most common causes of lower back pain are disc compression from lifting, twisting or bending. These can affect the nerve pathways running down the legs.
  • Emotions – Muscle spasms from stress, anxiety, and simply being tight are all part of modern society.
  • Structural Alterations: A process in which discs age and arthritic conditions prevail.
  • Female Disorders. Pelvic inflammatory disease in which the pelvic area is affected by referred pain to the lower back.

I appreciate the trust you place in me when you visit my clinic for a medical consultation.
An acupuncture session involves me making an assessment on the spot and diagnosing the problem. Then, I create a treatment plan to treat the problem and alleviate any pain.

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