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Chinese herbal medicine is a well-known and widely used treatment that dates back to the millennia. It continues to be used today in many countries as the primary and first choice for treating ailments.

Traditional herbal medicine used raw herbs that were boiled in water. The broth was then reduced to concentrate active ingredients. This liquid tea was then used for medicinal purposes. Modern herbal medicine does not include raw herbs. However, there are many other ways to take herbal medicine.


A registered Chinese herbalist can use Traditional Chinese medicine principles to diagnose a patient and find the underlying causes of the condition. Traditional Chinese medicine considers the body according to Yin, Yang and Qi, Qi, Blood, excess and deficiencies, Heat and Cold as well as Dampness and Dryness and Internal and External pathogenic factors. This means that even if a person has the same illness, they could have a different diagnosis using TCM. Each person will need to use a unique approach and a customized herb combination to treat their condition. Chinese herbal formulas are meticulously crafted and customized at every appointment to maximize therapeutic effects and enhance the effects of active ingredients. As the condition improves, the herbal formula will be modified.

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